Financial optimization of costs.


E-Economiste® works in financial optimization of costs.

Our electronic invitation to tender techniques enables bids to be obtained flexibly and automatically in real time.

Use of patented technology E-Economiste® ensures fair and open competition, transparency and great efficiency for invitations to tender. This involves:


Establishment of a preliminary consultation slip


Establishment of a consultation slip


Consultation of companies, through an invitation to tender


Negotiation with companies


Improved efficiency and transparency of competition both for the insurer and for the companies consulted.

The companies consulted are chosen according to their skills and the price proposed.

Give companies full knowledge of the work to be done, with our online data sharing tools.

E-Economiste® owns it online patented platform for competitive bidding, that ensures competitive tendering.

As well as traditional consultation techniques, E-Economiste® has a European invitation to tender patent, for competitive bidding using an online consultation platform.

Consultation is performed with a response from each company or by a reverse auction technique, the criteria of which are set in advance: price, lead time, etc.

This online invitation to tender technology ensures a reliability and a rapidity that our insurance clients love.

A mutually beneficial relationship

Reverse auctions guarantee efficiency both for the client and for the supplier via the development of collaborative tools.

Online auctions are based on a relationship of trust. The resulting advantages of this “win-win” relationship benefit all of those involved.


Time savings

The lowest bid is known as soon as the auction ends, which saves time in terms of studying the bids received, and the successful bidder is immediately informed that its offer has been selected.


Transparent auctions

The transparency of reverse auctions is a major opportunity for the supplier. With reverse auctions, no service provider feels aggrieved. All participants are on equal terms. The information (prices, product specifications, quantities requested, etc.) gathered during the auction phase provides a dynamic view of the market.


A free service

No financial contribution is required to take part in the auctions and submit service offers.