Repair work



With the experience it has acquired since 1990 and with more than 14,000 claims processed, Alliance BTP® is the French leader in work following damage.

The Group’s employees lend you their expertise and know-how to bring you technically appropriate and financially competitive solutions.

Alliance BTP® is Qualibat qualified to perform underpinning, special foundation and reinforced concrete structure repair work.

Thanks to its regional presence, it operates throughout France with quick turnaround times.

Alliance BTP® technicians are experienced and competent, trained to guarantee all the efficiency and professionalism required for this type of work site.

Our strengths:


A methods office competent

in structures, foundations, waterproofing, heating, ventilation and
air-conditioning, roads and utilities and civil engineering.


A works department made up of highly qualified specialist teams

with a culture of working on occupied sites following incidents.


Qualifications and certification.


Innovative techniques

(lifting, jacking, inclusions, injection, Polyurea, etc.)


All work covered by a ten-year guarantee.


Partnerships with French and international

insurance firms.

The scope of our projects:

  1. Repair of foundations and underpinning by piles, micropyles, wells and tight-fit blocks.
  2. Slab lifting.
  3. Repair of affected structures after fire.
  4. Repair of roads and utilities.
  5. Civil engineering repair.
  6. Roof repair.
  7. All trades repair.
  8. Casing repair.
  9. Seal repair.
  10. Framework repair.
  11. Erection of retaining walls.
  12. Performance of embankment studding.
  13. Emergency works.